As an active participant in changes, IGH makes a difference in improving the quality of life of people and the community every day
We fulfil the needs and expectations of our clients by providing technical solutions in civil engineering, while the improvement of the quality of life and conditions of functioning of communities in which we operate underlie all our activities.


27 Jul 2022

Pelješac bridge – Vivid example of why we build bridges and not walls

18 Jul 2022

Almost a ton of bottle caps for expensive medication

14 Jun 2022

IGH laboratory for Building Physics received Keymark certification

10 Jun 2022

Stjepan Kordek won the Kolos Lifetime Achievement Award

08 Apr 2022

Completion of Construction of Mihačeva Draga Waste Sorting Plant near Rijeka

29 Mar 2022

Construction of a student dormitory within the Split campus - Geotechnical investigation works

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22 Dec 2021

Institut IGH signed with Hrvatske ceste d.o.o. supervision contract with a total value of HRK 7.2 million

21 Dec 2021

A new contract signed with Port Authority Vukovar approximate value of 6 million kuna

21 Dec 2021

IGH, d.d. signed four contracts with HEP Proizvodnja d.o.o approximate value of 8 million kuna

21 Oct 2021

IGH has received recognition for collaboration half a century long

23 Sep 2021

Manuela Jaklić - from intern to full-time employee

14 Sep 2021

Internship as a path to the expertise

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04 Dec 2020

To restore and preserve - or not? Of course yes, it is our cultural heritage!

27 Nov 2020

On the border of the Ottoman Empire and the Venetian Republic stands…

30 Oct 2020


21 Oct 2020

The expertise of Institut IGH responsible for the international recognition of the quality of Croatian ports

16 Oct 2020

Stjepan Kordek i Zagorski vodovod- cooperation longer than 3 decades

14 Oct 2020

Sugar Plant Palace - City of Rijeka cultural heritage building

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