Structure Management

Mario Ille
MEng CE, Ph.D.
The maintenance of roads and road structures in the continued sense and in the context of time belongs to a set of activities called structure management, for which INSTITUT IGH offers consulting services in terms of organisation.

testing laboratory

It is a business process that includes activities that optimise the use of a particular structural infrastructure so that the most significant possible benefit is realised during a predetermined period. INSTITUT IGH offers to its clients consulting services regarding the organisation of structure management, its specialised software tools such as the SGG application (Structures management system), for support in making short-term and long-term decisions about investments in maintenance, as well as service in the introduction of work procedures.

We own sophisticated field equipment for testing structures on site, and in cooperation with the laboratories of INSTITUT IGH, we solve problems of all types of existing structures (infrastructural, energy, roads, and facilities on them, up to the management system of the highway network).

As part of this activity, the design of the rehabilitation of various infrastructural and other structures has also developed. Institut IGH offers reconstruction projects of bridges, cultural heritage buildings, industrial and other structures, road constructions, and technical supervision services for renovations and reconstructions.

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