Providing expert support in civil engineering for 70 years
Having started as a civil engineering laboratory back in 1949, after 70 years of growth and improvement, Institut IGH is now the driving force behind construction development and the leading civil engineering institute in Central and Southeast Europe. Today, IGH employs more than 500 engineers in Croatia and abroad, in branch offices and on projects.

No major infrastructure project in Croatia was realized without participation of IGH, since its comprehensive approach encompasses the complete process of civil engineering activity, from research, studies and preparation of planning documentation, project management and consultancy, field investigations to design and design audit, technical supervision and quality control of all laboratory services. We are present in all important market sectors, including roads, railways, all marine and engineering structures, airports, complete building construction (including tourism, commercial and residential structures, public and sports infrastructure), water engineering, environmental protection, energetics and industry.

IGH laboratories operate at several locations in Croatia (Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Pula, Varaždin and Dubrovnik) and abroad (Kosovo, B&H, Russia, Georgia). With about 500 different test methods accredited according to the standard HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and a wide range of non-accredited test methods, all our laboratories meet the competence requirements and account for the major part of all laboratories in Croatia accredited in the field of civil engineering.

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Driving force behind construction development
IGH is a company formed by the concentration of knowledge, which makes it a leading design, consulting and research institution dedicated to research and development in civil engineering. IGH laboratories are accredited for 600 test methods. The equipment and expert resources of IGH laboratories are at the level of leading laboratories in Europe. The company was fully prepared for Croatia’s accession to the European Union – every certificate issued by IGH laboratories is valid anywhere in Europe.

There is virtually no structure, road, tunnel or bridge in Croatia for which IGH has not provided either design or supervision services, controlled construction quality, prepared studies or expert opinions and expert witnessing. In addition to participating in all major construction projects in Croatia, IGH has also taken up challenges in the neighboring countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania and Bulgaria, all the way to Georgia, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.
Tackle the engineering challenges to our clients’ satisfaction, timely, with a professional and responsible approach, knowledge and innovation.
Be a leading engineering company in the region and beyond, whose employees are the best experts and satisfied co-owners, improving the quality of life and of the environment every day with their innovative engineering solutions.


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