29 Mar 2022

Construction of a student dormitory within the Split campus - Geotechnical investigation works

Our experts recently conducted geotechnical exploration work at the place where the new Split student dormitory with 600 beds will emerge. The works included drilling six holes 10-12 meters deep at various locations within the future construction site.

Samples collected by exploratory drilling were forwarded for laboratory analysis to determine the physicomechanical properties of the soil. Although this is only the beginning of the project, once completed, the city of Split will be richer for a modern and safe student dormitory, thanks in part to this research.

Conducting geotechnical field investigations works and preparing geotechnical studies are some of the key services provided by Institut IGH, d.d. The execution of field and laboratory tests are necessary to prepare separate geotechnical projects (conceptual, main, and detailed design) as an integral part of the overall design documentation for a particular building.

Samples of the surveyed works are sent for additional testing to the Laboratory for Materials and Structures of the INSTITUT IGH, d.d. which has been operating since 1949 and is one of the largest and sate of the art laboratories in the region, providing a full range of construction testing services.

See more about the soil samples and the positions where the drilling took place within the Split campus in the video below.