14 Jun 2022

IGH laboratory for Building Physics received Keymark certification

IGH Laboratory for Building Physics has received the prestigious Keymark certificate, making it the only Keymark registered laboratory in the broader area. With this certificate, Institut IGH d.d. can expand the scope of cooperation with global building thermal insulation materials companies, for which this certificate is one of the confirmations that our laboratory meets strict product quality testing procedures.

Obtaining this certificate is demanding and time-consuming, with strict set conditions and criteria. The first step was to pass a challenging interlaboratory comparison in thermal conductivity testing. The Laboratory for Building Physics achieved an excellent result and met the strict condition of ± 1.5% of the maximum permissible deviation from the mean value of the test results reported by leading European laboratories. Moreover, our laboratory achieved + 0.6% for expanded polystyrene and + 1.1% for mineral wool.

After achieving a positive result of the interlaboratory comparison, the next step was to pass a thorough evaluation by an expert evaluator from the Paris LNE, who was hired by the Keymark Expert Group to personally verify and check the level of equipment quality and competence of our experts. The process of proving the competence of equipment and staff was long and thorough, after which the Keymark Expert Group's international auditor positively assessed our equipment's quality and, most importantly, the competence of our experts.

With this achievement, the Laboratory for Building Physics got its place in the register of Keymark-certified laboratories, thus potentially expanding the scope of our services to a broader range of clients to whom we can provide the services of testing building thermal insulation products.