10 Jun 2022

Stjepan Kordek won the Kolos Lifetime Achievement Award

He dedicated his entire professional life to work, development and lasting contribution to the profession's advancement. In addition, he mentored generations of young engineers and developed technical creativity in the Republic of Croatia and the world. His name became a synonym for expertise and contribution to hydraulic engineering. It is no surprise that this year's most prestigious engineering award went to our colleague Stjepan Kordek.

The Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers (HKIG) recognized all of the above and awarded our colleague Mr Kordek the KOLOS Lifetime Achievement Award as part of the 16th Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers Day, held in Opatija from 9 to June 11th.

Stjepan Kordek graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb in 1979. In the same year, he was employed at the INSTITUT IGH JSC, where he still works. During his years of service, he participated in numerous projects as a designer, chief designer, supervising engineer, project manager, consultant, mentor, and author of publications in the sanitary water supply and drainage field. In addition to his professional work at the INSTITUT IGH JSC, he constantly transferred his experience and knowledge to the younger generations as an assistant at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Zagreb.

Throughout his working life, he left an indelible mark on the construction and improvement of the water supply and drainage system in the Republic of Croatia, with particular emphasis on the Krapina-Zagorje County and the drainage of Croatian motorways. The results of his work are known and recognized in the country and abroad. We would additionally emphasize his contribution to the projects of the Tivat sewerage system, drainage of the Soci-Alpika highway, drainage of the Kotor bypass, drainage of the Morina-Merdare bypass, Učka tunnel hydrant network, Pelješac mainland drainage network with access roads to D8 and D414, rainwater drainage of the Remetinec rotor, Zabok reservoir, Prishtina-Hani and Elezit hydro-technical project, and consulting services for Nikola Tesla Airport, Belgrade.

Unfortunately, Stjepan could not take the award in person, so our BIM coordinator Tea Martinac, who specializes in hydraulic engineering and absorbed knowledge under his mentorship, took over for Mr Kordek.

Congratulations to our colleague Kordek on winning the award and having his work recognized by engineering experts.