08 May 2020

IGH projects in the city of Vukovar

Vukovar day, celebrated recently, on May 3, and the date when the city received the status of a free royal city, is an opportunity to remind ourselves of the current development and renewal of the city and its surroundings.
Institut IGH is proud to be able to support some of the more significant projects for the renewal and conservation of the city’s cultural heritage, as well as its infrastructural development, with its experts, knowledge and expertise.

Vukovar Water tower

The Water tower, along with the "Vučedol Dove", has become the symbol of Vukovar. Over 50 meters high and built between 1963 and 1968 it is a registered cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia. It suffered significant damage during the Homeland war. Due to its symbolism the outer part of the tower will be preserved in its existing state, while the inside will be transformed into a memorial center. This project is in its final stages of completion.
Institut IGH supported this project with its regular partners by providing technical supervision in the first phase of the project, which included engagement of chief supervising engineer, supervising engineer for construction works, supervising engineer for mechanical engineering works and supervising engineer for electrical engineering works.
As mentioned, once completed, the Vukovar Water tower will be a memorial site with a promenade, amphitheatre, observation deck on the top and memorial room with a pathway inside where there was once a water reservoir, where visitors will be able to see all the damage and other interactive content.


Wastewater treatment plant of the City of Vukovar

In the immediate vicinity of the future “Water tower – Vukovar” Memorial site is the construction site of another big project in which Institut IGH, together with a partner participates. It is the construction of a wastewater treatment plant as part of the Vukovar agglomeration project. Our colleague Hrvoje Anton is the Project leader and supervising engineer for the component A – construction of the Vukovar city sewer and water supply network.

Development of the Dražen Petrović sports square

Very soon, Vukovar will have a modern, new recreational and amusement square with an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, children’s playground and outdoor exercise equipment situated along four separate “islands”. Finishing works including casting rubber in four different colours are currently being done on these islands and floor lighting will also be added to every island. The swimming pool was built between 2011 and 2016 and outdoor pool ceramics and waterproofing are being repaired. What is particularly interesting about this project is that, once completed; the Vukovar swimming facility will be the only one between the cities of Zagreb and Belgrade with an indoor Olympic pool (50 x 25 meters). IGH will provide complete expert supervision on this project as well.

The swimming pool

Reconstruction of the state road intersection and roundabout in Vukovar

Roads are the lifeblood of every city and vital to its infrastructural and economic development. We are proud to once more be able to finish this extremely complex project by providing expert supervision. Reconstruction works on the intersection of the state road DC2 and the Županijska and Gundulićeva streets and Dunav driveway into a 515 meter long roundabout, together with the reconstruction of the existing and the construction of a new overpass over the railroad, started in June 2019 and ended later that same year. After inspection and repair of the noticed defects, a Use permit was obtained one month ago and the complete structure was open for traffic several days ago. During the construction works, traffic towards the city and the port was uninterrupted, using temporary traffic regulation. Our colleague Damir Barna acted as Chief supervising engineer and Supervising engineer for construction works on the route, while Hrvoje Anton acted as Supervising engineer for the reconstruction of the existing and construction of the new overpass.