Country: Croatia
Duration: 2005 / 2011
Value: HRK 47 million

Motorway Beli Manastir-Osijek-Svilaj-Ploče, section: Osijek-Đakovo and Đakovo-Sredanci

Institut IGH was contracted for the services of technical supervision during construction and provision of equipment on the sections Osijek-Đakovo and Đakovo-Sredanci of Motorway Beli Manastir-Osijek-Svilaj-Ploče, which includes: – the overpass across the railway line Zagreb-Vinkovci L=672.43m (18,921,60m2, supervision during construction and erection of the steel structure) – Čvor Đakovo Overpass; Ivandvor Overpass, S.Perkovci Overpass L=72.00 m, Selci Đakovački Overpass, Veliko Polje Overpass; Donji Andrijevci Overpass, Sredanci Overpass, Divoševci Overpass, Piškorevci Overpass – standard overpasses L=72.00 (of total area 8,144.96 m2) – Kaznica Bridge L=31 m (1,234.10 m2) – Jagodinci Underpass L=6.40 m, – Mačkovac Bridge – Novi Perkovci Underpass L=6.4 m, – Breznica Bridge L=31.0 m (1,234.10 m2) – West Lateral Channel Bridge L=128m (4,132.80m2) – Biđ Bridge L=74m (2,583.00m2) Additionally, technical supervision services were provided on all overpasses during installation of bored reinforced concrete piles: – Čvor Sredanci Overpass L=82.56 m (4,731.10m2 – supervision during execution of reinforced concrete and prestressed structures) – Osatno Bridge (1,234.10 m2); – Đakovo Road Service Facilities, – Donji Andrijevci Road Service Facilities, – Traffic Control and Maintenance Centre Đakovo, – landscaping design and noise protection, road lighting, relocation and reconstruction of existing facilities: gas pipeline and water supply line Civil engineering works were performed in compliance with conditions of construction contract FIDIC- Red Book, and IGH provided the services of expert, technical and financial supervision, continuous surveying supervision, as-built surveys, control testing of materials and works and technological supervision, advisory and consulting services. *The photo is illustrative.

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