Country: Croatia
Duration: 2007 / 2011
Value: 108 milion EUR

A1 Motorway, section Sveti Rok Tunel – Maslenica (Terramesh)

A1 Motorway from Zagreb to Split was completely opened to traffic after completion of construction of Sveti Rok and Mala Kapela Tunnels. Logically, these two tunnels were the most demanding parts of the entire section, and they were built by New Austrian Tunnelling Method (NATM). At the same time, these tunnels provided the fastest road route between the north and south of Croatia. With its length of 5821 m, Mala Kapela is the longest tunnel in Croatia, while Sveti Rok is 5679 m long and has four emergency exits for vehicles and 15 passenger routes. In Mala Kapela, the number of these emergency exits for vehicles is even higher – there are six of them, while there are 14 exits for passengers. The driving speed in the tunnel is limited to 100 km/h. On this project, IGH participated by providing consulting, surveying and geotechnical services, technological supervision, control testing, technical and financial supervision. On A1 Motorway, the section Sveti Rok Tunnel – Maslenica was built with two high embankments, with maximum heights 30 m and approximate length of 200 m. As a solution for the execution of these high embankments on a steep base, the Maccaferri Terramesh System has been applied, which consists of gabions with ties. The total value of construction works amounted to EUR 48,562,876. The total value of investment amounts to EUR 107,877,000. Construction works were performed in compliance with the FIDIC Red Book.

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