Country: Croatia
Duration: 2013 / 2014

Landslide in Aleja Bologne, Zagreb

Landslides in Aleja grada Bologne in Zagreb activated in February 2013. Fallen material buried a part of Aleja grada Bologne, so that traffic on the north traffic lane was interrupted for safety reasons (in the direction of Zaprešić). Landslides appeared above wall 6, one of the nine walls executed in order to ensure cut stability along Aleja grada Bologne on the stretch from Podsusedski Tunnel to Jarek Interchange (sixth wall from the tunnel). Activation of the landslide was preceded by abundant snowfall during January and February accompanied with sudden thawing of snow. A steep southward slope was affected by landslide. Slope inclination in the lower part varies from 48º to 61º, 52º on average. In the zone where landslides appeared, ca. 4 ha of slope above Aleja grada Bologna was possibly affected. The height up to which the slope was affected by landslide was up to 35 m above the pavement. The total height of the steep slope above the road is ca. 140 m, while the steepest part of the slope steeper than 1:1 reaches up to 50 m above the pavement.

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