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During six decades of its continuous existence INSTITUT IGH has matured into an outstanding organization that provides specialist logistic support to civil engineering operators. Thanks to the high quality of its services and excellent working conditions, the Institute is capable of ensuring the total satisfaction of its clients, employees and partners, both in the country and on international markets.

IGH is the company with a high concentration of knowledge and, considering the number of its experts and project references, it can rightfully be stated that IGH is the leading design, consulting and research company in the sphere of research and development activities in civil engineering. IGH's laboratories are accredited for as many as 600 test methods. By their equipment and technical capabilities, they rank among the leading laboratories in Europe. Our Institute is fully prepared for the oncoming accession to the European Union - every certificate delivered by IGH laboratories will be valid anywhere in Europe.

In Croatia, there is practically no infrastructure facility, road, tunnel or bridge that has not benefited from our services - design or supervision, construction quality inspection, feasibility and other studies, expert opinions, and technical appraisals. In addition to its outstanding work on most construction projects in Croatia, IGH has also taken up challenges in neighbouring countries such as Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania and Bulgaria, but also in more distant countries such as Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine.

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